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Women's Empowerment  & Healing Program 


The Dalai Lama said, "The world will be saved by the Western woman.

I feel this as truth, deep in my soul I feel this. And perhaps you do as well. But before she can save the world, she has to save herself. How do we do that, as women? Heal ourselves to heal the world?

This program is an invitation. An invitation to heal personal wounds as well as the wounds endured by women for generations. A soulful reclamation of our divine power. Here we will remember our absolute and undeniable connection with the sacred feminine, a relationship which has been neglected, buried and outlawed by a history of disrespect, neglect, and ambiguity.

Our wold has long suffered the toxicity of an imbalanced patriarchal rule - but the feminine is rising. The wisdom traditions have long honored the goddess, the wisdom of the Shakti energy, for, without it, the world lacks equilibrium, as we experience today.

This program is designed to serve as a powerful tool for personal and global transformation.  It begins with understanding and reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine, the attributes of wisdom, intuition, nurturing, collaboration, respect for life and creating, authenticity, equality, empowered embodiment, and peace.  These have been, for far too long, devalued and marginalized, leaving all members of our culture, female and male alike, disconnected from an essential aspect of our true nature, and therefore, incomplete.

With the intent on reawakening and reconnecting with this Sacred Feminine - the divine power and wisdom innate in all women, we have an opportunity to witness profound healing, beginning with our own body and mind.

This program consists of practices and meditations for awakening and transformation, forgiveness and healing.  It is a personal journey of caring for the soul.  It begins with an intuitive calling, which you may be hearing.  Then the invitation arrives - this moment.

Our work begins with recognizing the energy blockages and trauma we hold.  Transmuting pain is the next step.  No healing is complete without forgiveness, likely the hardest part of the journey.  The second phase begins with reclaiming our power. Grounding our power and drawing boundaries - both in the inner world as well as the outer world allows us to harness our birthright and find our voice.

This is a three-month journey of healing and personal awakening.  We meet via virtual classroom once a week where we will examine the roots of feminine power and explore the powerful realm of symbolism and archetypes, inviting you to access your wise and deep inner knowing.  There will be reflective readings and meditations for healing and empowerment.  Join us beginning  Monday, August 5th.

The cost of this healing program is $795


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Manifestation Bootcamp

Spend the rest of the summer in service of your dream!  

Do you know what your passion is?  Do you have a dream of becoming, doing, or having something different or more in your life? Do you dream of a life that is fuller, more abundant, healthier, and more inspiring?

What do you believe is holding you back from achieving this life, this dream? Time constraints, skills, doubt, fear? The truth is that YOU have the power and YOU can change your results and change your life to be, have, achieve anything you desire.
This twelve-week course is a proven system for getting unstuck and taking steps toward living the life you would love to live. There are invisible universal laws that, once you understand them, can get you unstuck and direct your thoughts and empower you to achieve your dreams.
While a lot of programs claim to teach you how to use these laws to your advantage, most of them fail at delivering the desired transformation. This is a big problem of success and life coaching programs. And it doesn't help that there are some rather limiting movies and programs out there that lead us to believe we can sit on our sofa, simply dream of owning a Ferrari and the next day is will magically appear in our driveway. The Universe doesn't operate like a shopping list.
This approach is refreshingly different. This course offers a structured approach that will work for beginners and advanced alike. This is a step by step system that is based on my twenty years of learning and of being a spiritual life coach. This program teaches you just how the Universe works and how to properly manifest your desires into reality.

Over the course of the twelve weeks you will learn how to identify which areas of your life are not in alignment, you will identify your dream; you will learn how to properly structure your intentions and visions; how to overcome fear and increase your sense of worthiness; how to open yourself to a greater flow of abundance; how to overcome obstacles and failures and change your perceptions; and you will learn how to sustain the successes you create.

This is for people seeking real results. It works for career success, personal transformation, and/or health challenges.
Imagine how different your life can be in three short months.....and now step into that.


During this program, we will meet once a week for 12 weeks.  This is a group training from the comfort of your own home.  We meet for live video classroom each week.  You will have life work to do and lessons to review.  This is a life-changing program to help you finally reach your dreams, overcome the obstacles standing in the way of living an authentic life, and learn powerful transformational skills
The cost of the program is $695 and begins on July 31st.  Enrollment is limited and is only offered twice per year in a group format.

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