Suzanne Norman


Who We Are

Enlightened Living is a Global Personal Development Community founded by Suzanne Norman.  Suzanne is a healthy lifestyle expert and unconventional game-changer in the field of transformational coaching and personal development.  Her extensive experience and knowledge in multiple healing modalities as well as her special skill in subconscious mental training for permanent change, has allowed her to work with high-level individuals and groups to transform health, and to pinpoint and dissolve the limitations keeping them from reaching goals. Suzanne is known as a highly skilled mental engineer.  In the two decades that Suzanne has been in the field of wellness, personal growth and transformation, she has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many incredibly talented and pioneering professionals and practitioners.  She is honored to include some of these great teachers as part of the team of Enlightened Living.  


Suzanne Norman CYT, MBT, CHt, CNC

Founder and Director of Enlightened Living

Suzanne Norman is transformational wellness and integrative life coach.  She is also a writer, trainer and spiritual teacher.  

She has over twenty years experience in the fields of complementary and alternative therapeutic practices and personal development

Suzanne is a Life Coach certified by the Life Mastery Institute.  She is also trained in the Natural Health Sciences, with degrees in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

Her specialty is Mind/Body Medicine.

Suzanne will partner with you to help you: Live your true potential - discover your life purpose - find self fulfillment & happiness - create loving relationships - traverse the challenging transitions in life - attract amazing abundance - become the best you can be!

"I began this journey over twenty years ago.  I was in upper management in the corporate world, young and unhealthy (stress induced).  I found a yoga class because I heard yoga was good for stress.  I was an athlete growing up so the physical practice of yoga didn't initially speak to me.  However, psycho-emotionally yoga mellowed me, soothed me, balanced me. Over time I learned to re-connect with my body, to love it again, to respect and honor it. With that, a desire to live more healthy and then a desire to help people do the same.


I am the type of person who, when I desire to learn something, will seek out the best authority on the subject to learn from or mentor with.  When I decided to become a yoga instructor, I searched for the best to study with, my yoga teachers became (and a few continue to be) direct descendants or disciples of Yoga masters.  Swami Kriyananda, Kim Schwartz (Kriyananda) Gabriel Halpern (B.K.S. Iyengar) Patricia Walden (B.K.S. Iyengar)  Gary Kraftsow (T.K.V. Desikachar). A good teacher is a lifetime student and I am honored for the continued influence of these amazing teachers.


As I began teaching, I witnessed students experiencing some amazing healing, and yet others remained stuck or sick.  This unleashed a deeper desire in me to learn more about the human form, its physiology, psychology and spiritology.  So began a decade long education in natural health and mind/body medicine.   In becoming a traditional Naturopath, there have been a handful of inspirational teachers I am honored to have studied with: Dr. Jonny Bowden Ph.D, C.N.S.(author, nutritionist);  Linda Page Ph.D, (author, herbalist); Michael & Leslie Tierra (East West School of Herbal Medicine); David Winston R.H. (herbalist, Author): Rosemary Gladstar (herbalist); Elson Haas M.D. (physician, nutritionist, author).   These are pioneers in the world of Natural and Holistic Health.


I became preoccupied with the emotional connection to disease. I knew, from witnessing others and from personal experience that true healing must come from a deeper level of consciousness, otherwise it's just masking of symptoms.  The next step for me was subconscious mind mediated healing.  Again, I sought out the experts in this field.  Richard Bandler/Neurolinquistic Programing (NLP)  and Gerald Kein, Hypnosis.   Mary Morrissey, Transformational Life Coaching.

Enlightened Living was born from my own inward journey to discover wholeness in my health, and the deeper essence of who I am.  It was created to allow me to share some of the tools, processes and wisdom that I discovered along the way.


Wellness and/or sickness is (w)holistic, it occurs in every level of our being.  If we are to be truly well, we must consider all aspects of our being. We have to heal and nourish each aspect."