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School of Transformation

Embark on a journey of growth, transformation, abundance, and joy with  EnlightenedLiving's School of Transformation courses

* LifeDesigned    Create, Attract, and Live the Life of Your Dreams

* Mastering the Art of Living   Experience Breakthrough Transformations in Key Areas of Your Life

* The Universal Laws   Understanding and Using the Universal Laws to Your Advantage

* A Hero's Journey   Tools for Navigating the Challenges of Life

* The Healer Within    Tapping your hidden superpower in service of Physical, Mental, & Emotional Health


Do you have a dream of becoming, doing, or having something different or more in your life? Do you dream of a life that is fuller, more abundant, healthier, and more inspiring?  
What do you believe is holding you back from achieving this life, this dream? Time constraints, skills, doubt, fear?  The truth is that YOU have the power and YOU can change your results and change your life to be, have, achieve anything you desire.  
This twelve week course is a proven system for getting unstuck and taking steps toward living the life you would love to live.  There are invisible universal laws that, once you understand them, can get you unstuck and direct your thoughts and empower you to achieve your dreams.  
While a lot of programs claim to teach you how to use these laws to your advantage, most of them fail at delivering the desired transformation.   This is a big problem of success and life coaching programs.  And it doesn't help that there are some rather limiting movies and programs out there that lead us to believe we can sit on our sofa, simply dream of owning a Ferrari and the next day is will magically appear in our driveway.  The Universe doesn't operate like a shopping list.  
This approach is refreshingly different.  This course offers a structured approach that will work for beginners and advanced alike.  This is a step by step system that is based on my twenty years of learning and of being a spiritual life coach.  This program teaches you just how the Universe works and how to properly manifest your desires into reality.  

Over the course of the twelve weeks you will learn how to identify which areas of your life are not in alignment, you will identify your dream; you will learn how to properly structure your intentions and visions; how to overcome fear and increase your sense of worthiness; how to open yourself to a greater flow of abundance; how to overcome obstacles and failures and change your perceptions; and you will learn how to sustain the successes you create.

This is for real people, seeking real results.  It works for career success, personal transformation, and/or health challenges.
Imagine how different your life can be in three short months.....and now step into that.  Call today information.



Mastering the Art of Living

This is the next evolution to LifeDesign.  Taking the teachings to a higher level, this six month journey is to teach you how to master the thing we call life.  You will learn how to cleanse yourself of old thoughts, patterns, beliefs that are holding you back and limiting your life.  You will discover a new path of thoughts and actions to help you evolve into the next  phase of living a magnetic and abundant life.

The curriculum is designed to guide and support you as you focus on six different areas of magnetism, one each month.  You will learn how to access your power of your purpose by enhancing your intention.  You will learn to experience the highest expression of well being. You will learn how to live from connection with Source to increase your abundance. Develop the art of manifestation, tap into true love to create authentic relationships. And you will learn to master the art of transformation.

With each area, you will learn the skills and abilities that will give you mastery of that area in your life.  You will learn new ways of thinking and action, and you will gain new insights.  You will learn to bring more harmony, peace and joy into your life.  

This is a unique and powerful personal transformational program that provides the essential support for growing the life you want to live.  It is truly a program of personal evolution.  Take the step to begin shedding the limits of old beliefs and patterns that keep you from realizing your innate power, intellect, strength, and success.   Master the art of living.
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The Universal Laws

This is an orderly Universe and nothing happens by accident.  The images you plant in your mind instantly set up a force which governs your results in life.  This is true with positive images, as well as negative ones.   Everything in this Universe is an expression of Spirit, and Spirit operates by each laws.  You are subject to these laws in just the same manner as all of nature.
Everything you want is already here, if not in form, certainly in substance, and it is up to you to get into harmony with it.  Since you attract everything into your life by these laws, how much more powerful would you be if you understood how to change your thinking and tap into the power to truly control your life.

The invisible laws of the universe are as real as the laws of gravity, electricity, or thermodynamics. Just because we can't see them or may not be aware of them, doesn't mean they are not always at work.  

In this twelve week course, we will be studying eleven laws that are continually at work in our lives.  Laws such as; the law of thinking; the law of supply; the law of receiving; the law of forgiveness; and the law of success.  When we become aware of them, we are able to work in harmony with them to create the life we want.  When we understand the laws of the Universe, what they are,  how they work, and how to apply them, life gets easier and more successful.
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A Hero's Journey

This is a four week course to explore the technology of how to navigate through life's tougher terrain and difficult times. Those times in our lives when it may feel like the light is not shining on us, a time that some describe as The Dark Night.
This course will be looking at the possibilities and potentials of this particular juncture in life and the requirement of it for a hero's journey. 

You will learn how to experience this without allowing it to have you.  You will learn how to harvest the good those situations have to teach us, and you will learn how to use those circumstances to create a new beginning.    

In this course you will learn that this time, The Dark Night, is inevitable and how it births the next larger version of you.  More importantly, you will learn to to navigate The Dark Night, and why proper navigation is essential to our evolution.   You will gain the tools for navigating these times and realize that you are more than that circumstance.  These are powerful lessons and skills.
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The Healer Within

It has been said that one of medicines greatest mysteries is the healing process.  Behind the physical mechanisms of healing is something much more abstract, a form of know-how that cannot be seen or touched.   Healing is not just a physical process, but a mental one as well.

Our bodies are flowing rivers of intelligence, constantly changing, constantly  regenerating.  And this river of intelligence is directed by the mind.  

In this course, you will learn how to use the force of consciousness, your inner awareness, to promote a quantum leap in the healing process. This eight week course will introduce you to the power of your mind to initiate healing on all levels of your body/mind.  You will be trained how to  access the powerful "deeper" mental states which allow you to access the inner physician to help heal dis-ease in the body/mind.  

This is a journey of self exploration to show you how you can be in better control of your health from a deeper level, utilizing the most under utilized powerful tool you already possess...your mind.