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Transformational Coaching

What is transformational coaching?  A journey of growth, discovery and positive transformation.
This is more than personal growth.  Transformational coaching is a process of changing what's not working for you to help you live the life you deserve.  It deals with your inner being, values, core beliefs, and identity to help bring about deep, lasting, significant change.  People often enter this process when they are in major life transitions and have become aware of their need to reinvent themselves.  
With this process, you embark on a journey of the mind.  A transformational coach empowers your mind for learning, self-reflection, discovery, and creation. It's accessing more of your own personal power, to be clear about your life's purpose, transform stress and truly step up in your life.  It's more than just personal growth. It is about tapping into your intuition, your own inner wisdom, your inner healer...the strength that IS already within you.
You’ve probably heard the term “Life Coach” many times by now. And you may have thought that that was something you needed in your life, but perhaps you weren’t quite sure what the term meant, or you understood it but wanted to learn more.
Put simply, a life coach is a person who understands the principles of success and how to apply them and teaches others how to most effectively put them to use. Life coaches use their gifts to help other people overcome their inner and outer obstacles, and show their clients how to identify and create the life of their dreams.
For example, let’s say you’re stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, but you don’t have enough money saved to last you through the transition into a career you want.   In this case, a coach would help you discover the field of work that you would love to be in, the one that’s aligned with your core purpose. Then they’d help you identify the specific career that you want, and they’d work with you to create a plan for making the switch.   Or, if you were trying to meet your soul-mate, a coach might help you discover exactly what it is that is holding you back from love, and guide you through the process of overcoming those obstacles. They’d also help you become a person who’s attractive to the kind of mate you desire and create the circumstances that enable you and your soul-mate to find each other.  Perhaps you feel stuck, dis-satisfied or unhappy.  A transformational life coach will help you identify just what is making you feel this dis-content and together, you design a solution.
Simply put, a coach is someone who empowers you and shows you that you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to.   Life coaching can help you in the areas of love and relationships, career and success, abundance and wealth, self-worth and self-love, inner harmony, life purpose, 
Suzanne has life-transforming programs that have helped hundreds of people move into the life they dream of and to finally live the life they love living.  Please preview the Programs section to see what transformational coaching program is right for you.

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

All permanent change in behavior, beliefs, and attitudes happens in the sub-conscious mind.  Your conscious mind analyses, judges, protects and may want change, but it is only when your subconscious mind makes the changes that behavior will change.

Transformational Hypnotherapy is a combination coaching session with hypnosis.  This way you reach a deep understanding on a conscious and subconscious level of the changes you desire, or the problem that needs changing.  

Transformational Hypnotherapy is an empowering process that acknowledges the Higher Self wisdom within each person to act as the "inner physician" which knows the source of the problem and how to solve it.  Transformational Hypnotherapy creates profound changes when deep emotional release work is designated, healing the past and present, positively impacting one's present outlook and future experiences.

Transformational Hypnotherapy has successfully aided in the positive management and reduction of virtually all symptoms/conditions affecting one's physical being, emotional-mental state, and spiritual well-being.

Some applications of hypnosis include:

* Stress Conditions

* Pain Control

* Depression/Anxiety

* Learning Problems/ADD

* Skill Performance/Self-Improvement

* Fears/Phobias, Habit Elimination

* Addictive/Obsessive Behavior

* Healing Emotional Pain Distress  or Trauma

Transformational Hypnotherapy shouldn't be mistaken for clinical psychology or talk therapy, which focus on the problem. Transformational Hypnotherapy focuses on solutions. It is for those desiring to develop their inner strength and happiness through self-empowerment.

How Effective is Hypnosis?

According to an article by noted clinical psychologist Alfred A. Barrios PhD., hypnosis is extremely effective against a host of problems such as anxiety, insomnia, childhood behavioral disorders, addictions, and esteem issues.  In fact, a study he published in Psychotherapy Magazine showed the following recovery rates comparing hypnotherapy to traditional talk therapy:

Therapy           Recovery Rate  # Sessions

Psychoanalysis              38%                         600

Behavior Therapy          72%                            22

Hypnotherapy                93%                            6                                                                                                                                                    (Psychotherapy Magazine - volume 7, number 1, Alfred A. Barrios PhD)


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Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs have been proven to reduce health risks, optimize health and productivity, greatly reduce health-related costs, and improve coworker morale and camaraderie.

By working closely with you to understand your company needs, we develop customized fitness, nutrition, stress management, and wellness programs and solutions to meet those needs while helping your employees maintain healthy lifestyles, feel and perform their BEST, and improve overall productivity.


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