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Harnessing the power of your mind for healing, self-growth and achievement

Did you realize that at this very moment you possess the power to improve any aspect of your life? This power is hidden deep within your inner conscious mind, just waiting to be unleashed

In just 20 minutes per day you can access this wellspring of powerful medicine to help you move into living the life you desire and deserve.

The PowerMind series offers powerful mind transforming audio meditation sessions in: Personal Development; Performance & Learning; and Heath & Wellness.

The PowerMind audio series helps you access the powerful inner-conscious mind to affect thought change, conscious behavior, and physiological well-being.

The ever growing library of audio lessons is designed to create states of mind that include: improved focus and concentration, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning ability, increased happiness, personal confidence, and self-healing.

These are guided meditation recordings with scientifically proven mental enhancement techniques woven into the session. Utilizing the power of hypnosis, guided imagery, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help reprogram and balance the pathways of the brain. These relaxing sessions are designed to enhance emotional health, improve mental functioning, increase self-awareness, and help you overcome roadblocks standing in the way to better health, happiness and success.

The Personal Development Series – Discover the Power Within
The Performance & Learning SeriesDiscover the Talent Within
The Health & Wellness Series – Discover the Healer Within

  • A Freedom Program


    This is the Freedom Package! It includes five 20 to 30 minute guided healing meditations/self hypnosis recordings that are designed to re-wire your mind away from negative thinking and toward positive, productive thinking. These have been proven to change the limiting paradigms keeping you stuck in a cycle of mental limitation, and open you to a more optimistic problem solving mind-set.

    This includes FIVE mp3 downloads of some of our most powerful healing sessions, they include:

    Positive Mind - negative thoughts release
    Confidence - building unshakable self-belief
    Inner Peace - calm & peaceful inner state
    Happiness - create a joyful outlook
    Emotional Cleansing - clearing emotional baggage

    ** Listen to the Freedom Introduction First.  There is no need to listen to this again.  The other recordings can be listened to in any order, as often as you like.   To be most effective, it's best if you listen twice a day, the same recording or a different one each sitting.  Be sure you are relaxed in a safe, undisturbed place.  Turn off all distractions.  DO NOT listen to these while driving. **


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