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Winter Solstice

Thursday, November 29, 2018

We Are Approching The Threshold Of Winter

Life is being drawn into the earth, effortlessly descending down into the very soul of herself.  And we, as human animals, are being called to do the same, the pull to descend into our bodies, into sleep and to the depths of our own inner cave. Do you feel it? 

Many find the decent into their own bodies a challenging, and perhaps, frightening thing. Fearing the unmet emotions and unspoken past events that have been stored in the dark cave inside themselves, not wanting to face what they have carefully avoided.

The winter solstice time in no longer celebrated as it once was, with the understnading that this period of descent into our own darkness was, and is, necessary so that we may, once again, find our light.

And yet, true freedom comes only from accepting and forgiving what we have been through and choosing to release the hold it has on us, bringing the golden treasure brack from the deep inner depths.

This is a time of rest and deep reflection, a time to wipe the slate clean and clear out the old so we're ready for rebirth without the weeds of resentment blocking the light.

This is a time for reconnecting, relearning, and reclaiming. It is a time of kindness, peace, and love, not a time of dread, depression and avoidance as so many choose to experience.

Embrace natures call to go inward - as all creatures are doing.  Let her wrap her soft arms around you and point you toward your inner self, to the darkness and quiet, and yes, to the death of what you were, so that you may become what you are.  This is a powerful medicine. Hold yourself with the awareness of forgiveness and allow yourself to go deep, grieve, rage, rest, and heal.  

Winter takes away the distraction and noise of the outer world and presents us with the opportunity to rest and withdraw into the womb of love.

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