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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

There is a South African philosophical tenet known as Ubuntu. It means, I am because we are.  The full proverb is Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu="a person is a person because of people".

The meaning is that we are interconnected with everyone and everything through an invisible field of intelligence and energy.  In quantum speak, this is known as nonlocality. Nonlocality and entanglement are signature concepts of quantum mechanics. 

In terms I better understand, nonlocality is when one object, without being anywhere near a second object, can influence the second object. Nonlocality occurs due to entanglement, whereby particles that interact once with each other become permanently connected, or dependent on each other.  Physicist have demonstrated time and time again that once an atom has been in the proximity of another atom, it will be influenced, or entangled, by that atom no matter how far away it travels.

The human body is made up of seven billion billion billion atoms.  When you meet someone, when you interact with someone, you are forever entangled.  If two test subjects, knowing each other,  were hooked up to an EEG and placed in isolated rooms, the brain-wave patterns produced by a series of strobe lights in one of the subjects eyes will appear identically on the other test subjects EEG even though he was nowhere near the same flashes.

This has profound implications.   If you think or speak negatively about or toward someone, does that mean they will feel it? Will it affect them on a cellular level?  If I watch the news with its pervasive negativity and feel a visceral reaction to it, is my partner feeling that too?  If you stay in an abusive relationship, does it mean your child feels the same pain?  On a global scale, doesn't this imply that if we are subjecting ourselves to negativity in any form, be it physical, mental or emotional, that everyone we have ever interacted with in all parts of the world would be affected by that negativity as well?   The concept of entanglement and nonlacality would have us believe that to be true.

Then it would also mean that if we were to pray for someone to heal, their cells would be affected by it, that we could help someone far away get better.  It would imply that I could send a warm embrace to my child and he would feel it.  It tells me  that if we, collectively, were to focus on and think about love, equity, harmony, brotherhood, peace, and compassion that we can create a new world.  We can, with our very thoughts heal the planet and bring peace to it's inhabitants.  

I feel a great sense of hope in this idea. 

So I will choose to turn off the negativity, both external (television) and internal (thoughts). I will care for myself knowing that what I do to me will have a far reaching affect on others.  I will be project loving and kind thoughts so that everyone I have ever met will feel them. I will forgive and I will be kind.  

 I Am Because We Are.

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