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Thursday, December 13, 2018



Do you ever feel like you could disappear? How easy it would be to just fall off the radar. In this age of virtual reality, where we're moving farther away from real contact with real people, and rely more on email, text, social media, and other electronic forms of connection, it's easy to slip out of the awareness of others.

Without the energetic and physical link to another human being, with its very real entanglements, we don't get a true bond and remembering and it's so much easier to forget another. There is a terrible isolation with the disconnected world we are living in, and I for one don't care for it.

I prefer real live interactions, with friends, clients, and students. I feel more alive in the presence of others and it lifts me when I'm down.

The irony is, my only means of connecting with some of you is via this newsletter, a social media post or a podcast episode. And while I'd much prefer to see you in person, I do appreciate the opportunity to give you whatever I can, in whatever way I can, so I continue to communicate in as many ways as possible.

Recently I went off radar! I had two big moves back to back that found me consumed by boxes, packing tape, and moving trucks. I assumed I could continue to allocate a few hours a day to podcasting, blogging, and meeting with my friends, etc., but I was over confident in my ability to multi task. Alas, I neglected my work and my tribe. I went dark.

After a few weeks of my isolationism, I wondered at what point someone would notice my absence. How long would it be before someone said, "Hey, where'd that girl Suzanne go?" That's the problem with a virtual relationship, there is no real energetic connection so it's so much easier to forget how long it's been since you've talked to or seen another person because those texts, and emails which are the primary form of connection these days aren't real enough.


If we take the teachings of quantum physics seriously we know that once we come into contact with another in a meaningful interaction, we are forever 'entangled'. We will be affected by the other, we will affect another. This doesn't happen with a virtual relationship. I wonder if that's the reason we are seeing so much depression these days? Could our energy be starving for the connection with another?

The isolation, illusion, and confusion that are caused by living behind a screen are a very real problem and we can see the impact it's having, especially on younger people.

I will attempt to add more "live and in person" types of opportunities, both with my work and my personal life this next year. I want to feel the energy of another, enjoy the handshake or hug, and know that I will forever be a part of their life...even if it's only on a molecular level.

It's important to stay physically connected to others, please enjoy real conversations and experiences, get out from behind the screen and go see the things you're "liking" for yourself. At the very least, pick up the phone and have a conversation that takes time and effort. That way, when you fall off the radar, someone may notice and decide to come looking for you.

I have a series of LIVE workshops scheduled these next few months; I do hope you'll join us in person.

I hope to see and feel you again soon!



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