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the medicine of the sun

Monday, June 08, 2020


Study shows Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to COVID-19 mortality - how a common vitamin could become pivotal. 

i've been signing the praises of the sunshine vitamin for over a decade and I'm a firm believer in getting your vitamin D directly from safe sun exposure whenever possible. During epidemics, proper levels of Vitamin D are crucial.

People all over the world have been forced indoors, and the more time you spend inside, the likelihood of obtaining a healthy amount of sunlight exposure, and the vitamin produced as a result - vitamin D3 - continues to decline.

Vitamin D deficiency has been called the "silent epidemic", and some experts estimate that as high as 90% of Americans suffer from it.

One of the most important roles of this important vitamin is its role in the modulation regulation of the human immune system.

Go outside, love the sun, it loves you.


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