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Tuesday, April 21, 2020


I've committed to keeping one eye on good news and hopeful signs during this crazy time, and as hard as it may be to see sometimes, it's there if you look in the right place. The challenge is being able to translate what you see/read into "good" news.
For instance, I find the latest study from Stanford showing the U.S. infection fatality rate as being much lower than estimated to be good news for us. The study shows that the fatality rate may be more than an order of magnitude lower than the authorities "assumed". "Based on the seroprevalence data, the estimates are the true infection fatality rate is somewhere in the range of 0.12% to 0.2%, far closer to seasonal influenza than the original care-based estimate." Remember, the WHO's estimate case-fatality rate was 3.4%.
(This doesn't deny that Covid-19 is more serious than influenza, it's fiercely infectious and has stretched some hospital capacity and health-care workers as well. "So a path forward demands continued monitoring of seroprevalence as well as new case testing, identifying and protecting those most vulnerable to more serious or even fatal infections, and supporting hospital capacity to handle surges of respiratory intensive-care patients.")
Had policymakers known at the beginning that the death toll would be closer to that of a bad seasonal flu outbreak, then perhaps they wouldn't have risked millions of jobs and livelihoods, not to mention the mental health fall-out from this.
But that is actually good news. Knowing it now, can policymakers begin to change their perspectives and allow a loosening of the draconian measures we now are held to? We should be hopeful of that. The (more) good news is that the science that supports better modeling is rapidly becoming available.
Also good news: worldwide, the percentage of those with Covid-19 considered "mild condition" is 97%. This helps me feel less fearful.
As a wellness professional working within the field of integrative (sometimes called alternative) practices for 20 years, my training and protocols are most often outside of the Western model so I don't look through that lens. My business was founded on the principles of - Enlighten the mind and heal the body. A philosophy that to truly live exceptional lives, each of us must be armed with knowledge that will empower personal authority and health freedom. This means we must be educated and informed. We cannot make appropriate decisions about any aspect of our life without having a balance of information. A healthy body is a natural state of being, it is our birthright. However, in our current age of denatured foods, polluted environments, the emphasis on disease management rather than prevention within mainstream medicine, and pervasive lack of understanding of what defines wellness….it remains elusive for most.
Now my other eye has been and continues to be on the other side of the mainstream narrative as it relates to health. There is a different narrative about this situation! There is an army of health professionals, doctors, and scientists who are painting a different picture and predicting a different outcome than what we are being brainwashed, yes brainwashed, to believe.
Please look into the voices of Dr. Zach Bush MD, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Thomas Cowan.... (a number of links are on my page) and more.... There are hundreds of clinicians, physicians, and scientists who are trying to help change the narrative, many of whom are being blocked on social media or shut down on Youtube because their message isn't aligned with the message being broadcast through mainstream channels. There are plenty of experts showing us how the quarantining at this stage isn't necessary, how the use of masks is ineffective and how by taking care of our own physical and mental wellbeing, we are better able to protect ourselves when you do get exposed, assuming you haven't already been exposed.
I understand the challenge of opening your mind to an idea that questions your belief systems. We've been conditioned to look to certain institutions as having our best interests in mind, or of being the authority on all things related to health, but this is your health and wellbeing and only YOU can and should make decisions about your health and life. We cannot make honest decisions without ALL of the information, we have to look beneath the surface and behind the veil. It will take courage to hear the other side of the story.
We are slowly losing our civil liberties here, your health freedom is at stake, for many of us our livelihoods are at risk. And this is happening when it doesn't need to be happening according to many experts. We need to be wondering why we continue to be told that we must be afraid and stay locked down in fear when more and more evidence is pointing to a better more positive story
Why is this good news? Because it means there are many experts and authorities working hard to lift the veil to the truth and in doing so, we can stop being so afraid and get back to living. I find that more hopeful than what we are currently being told is the only way.
The healthcare workers are overburdened in many areas, and yes people are dying, but this isn't new. Sadly millions die every year. Suicide, cancer, traffic accidents, all take more lives than this virus has thus far. We have to keep things in perspective all while keeping our hearts open to support those who lose loved ones for any reason.
I took an oath many years ago that I would uphold the commitment to health freedom and education and fight for what I believe. For me, there is no "head-in-the-sand" with this and I apologize if that offends anyone, but we have to open our minds to seeing EVERY aspect. Once you hear all sides than a more reasonable decision can be made. We can never change another person's perspective, no more than they can of us. We can only open ourselves to considering that there may be another possibility. This is how we evolve, individually and collectively. This is the only way intelligent and civil discourse takes place and reconciliation can be found. Expand your view beyond what you believe.
Protect the vulnerable people in your family, take care of yourself, and above all, stay hopeful and positive.

You Have Everything You Need

Thursday, April 02, 2020

How can we support ourselves and those we love during trying times?  

These are unprecedented times and many of us are feeling uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and deep concern for our overall wellbeing.  

My goal with Enlightened Living has always been to empower and inform in the area of holistic wellness.  I have made the commitment to be a source of positivity, insight, and inspiration to my community during this time, in whatever way I can.   I have made a series of videos over the past week to offer you actionable steps in supporting your health and emotional wellbeing, as well as reflecting on how we, as a collective whole can make a difference.  I hope they inspire you and empower you to find a sense of control and hope during these times.

I am here to support you.  I am seeing clients, carefully, in my office as well as via video.  I am offering stress management sessions, private yoga/meditation, and hypnotherapy.  I have had an influx of clients dealing with anxiety and fear, understandably, so I am happy to continue to be available for you in whatever way I am able.

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay positive.