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Breathe Deeply

Thursday, September 07, 2017


According to Chinese Medicine, Autumn is associated with the lungs. One of the best ways to strengthen the lungs is to breathe deeply. It sounds so simple, but most of us don't breath deeply, or efficiently. And this can affect important things like our emotional states, energy level and immune system.

When we breathe deeply and with intention, we are flooding our cells, muscles, and brains with much needed oxygen that is vital to all the body's processes. It also distributes the vital Prana (life energy) throughout the bodily systems.

One of the best things we can do is go for a walk in the crisp, clean autumn air and fill your lungs with that fresh air.

Another powerful practice is deep breathing exercises.  Relax your body and take a gentle but deep breath in through your nose, filling your belly as if you're inflating a in the inhale for a moment, release the breath as if you are blowing out candles on a birthday cake...nice and gentle but full, all the way to the bottom of your lungs until they are completely empty.  Do this 5 to 6 times a few times each day.

The breathing practices we learn in Yoga are very powerful and designed to support the life force energy within the body.  The practices are powerful immune system strengtheners as well important tools in the control of consciousness.  Learning how to breath properly can help you heal both body and mind.   Pranayama practice is always a good idea, but particularly in autumn, when lung energy is at its peak.  As we turn toward more introspective practices, autumn is the perfect time to work on releasing negativity in our life.    

We can often feel like many of the negative things in our lives are beyond our control, but if we become aware of negative things, we can make small changes to avoid them as much as possible.  Negativity can be as extremely destructive force both physically and psychologically, so working towards keeping as much of it as possible out of our lives is a good goal.  Sometimes, it's just the awareness that can really help make the changes necessary to keep as much positivity and light in our lives.  We can also use our breathing to keep the prana (life energy) strong in our bodies and minds to keep that positivity and light strong as we transition into darker seasons.

Taking time for a focus on the life force (breath) that moves through you and noticing when it is lacking or in excess and then using deep controlled deep breathing practices to balance your breathing can have a powerful and calming effect on your mind.  Relax and practice conscious breathing, get out in the crisp clean autumn air and fill your lungs with life energy.. you'll soon feel your lungs strengthening and your health improving.



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