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A pandemic Of Fear

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Many are feeling threatened and vulnerable.

We've had pandemic scares in the past and we've all experienced natural disaster emergencies, we've even witnessed a terrorist attack in our country. And yet somehow this one seems different. Perhaps it is a more serious threat than we've ever known, or maybe it's how the media is presenting the information.

Regardless of the cause, the reality is, there are millions of people feeling fear and anxiety unlike anything felt before. People are feeling a deep level of uncertainty and lack of control.

These feelings, if left unchecked and fueled by surrounding energy and behaviors, can build into panic and frenzy. We're seeing this happening around us, and this is a bigger threat to our health in the long run.

Fear is a basic survival instinct, and for a short period of time, it's a good thing. However, sustained periods or fear, the physiological effects of the fight, flight, or freeze response wreak havoc on your body.

I am one of many voices trying to be heard, only mine is telling a different narrative. I am trying to get you to believe that you have more power than you think you do, more control over your health than you are being led to believe you have. If we allow ourselves to believe what is being fed to us without allowing even a small bit of doubt, we are in trouble.

Just this morning, I had an interview about the placebo/nocebo effect. (Been the subject of most of my ramblings lately - check out my latest podcasts)
The placebo effect is when we are told something is good for us, a simple sugar pill for instance, and we see real biological changes in the body after taking the pill. This shows us that if we believe the pill is medicine, and we're told it is a powerful cure, it can be.

Just as strong, the nocebo effect. This is where we are told something bad or negative will happen and we see a biological or physiological response from that belief, including death. The placebo/nocebo phenomenon proves unequivocally just how powerful your mind is in controlling processes in your body. But we must be diligent in controlling the messages that we allow into our minds.

And here is where it gets tricky. Trusting the information that is presented to us. What do we believe to be true or real? We live in an age of cognitive dissonance (very Orwellian) created by the deceptive and manipulative use of language via the media or other authority. We hear the sound bites and talking points of political campaigns or media agendas which rarely present the most nuanced perspective on the issues, leaving one completely dependant on those sources for our perception of reality. This leaves one compelled to disregard their own perception in place of the officially dictated version of events.

Subjecting citizens to a non-stop bombardment of negativity and messages of doom, (I can't help but think about how the torture tactics of prisoners of war) are damaging to the collective psyche of the people.

All I want is for you to surround yourself with the belief that you are safe and strong. That you just consider the possibility that you have powers beyond what you currently may believe. That you not only have healing capabilities and strong defense mechanisms that will protect you against any threat that comes your way. But that you also have a direct line to a knowing that will guide you to your truth.

You have a connection to higher wisdom, some call it intuition or instinct, others call it the voice of higher insight or the voice of God. You have an inner guidance system that will tell you what is right for you and what is the truth.

Your inner wisdom will never mislead you. Trusting your voice of higher insight begins with going inward. Turning off the outer noise and tuning in.

Get quiet and present your question, your problem, or desire for clarity. And then go deep, listen and feel.

Connecting with your inner truth feels like a buoy. You will access a sense of peace and calmness that will support you as you navigate these turbulent waters of uncertainty.

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