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Thursday, April 02, 2020

How can we support ourselves and those we love during trying times?  

These are unprecedented times and many of us are feeling uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and deep concern for our overall wellbeing.  

My goal with Enlightened Living has always been to empower and inform in the area of holistic wellness.  I have made the commitment to be a source of positivity, insight, and inspiration to my community during this time, in whatever way I can.   I have made a series of videos over the past week to offer you actionable steps in supporting your health and emotional wellbeing, as well as reflecting on how we, as a collective whole can make a difference.  I hope they inspire you and empower you to find a sense of control and hope during these times.

I am here to support you.  I am seeing clients, carefully, in my office as well as via video.  I am offering stress management sessions, private yoga/meditation, and hypnotherapy.  I have had an influx of clients dealing with anxiety and fear, understandably, so I am happy to continue to be available for you in whatever way I am able.

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay positive.




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