Suzanne Norman



Enlightened Living was created with one simple mission: to help as many people as possible design, build, and live exceptional lives. Exceptional living means that every domain in our lives is balanced and healthy; relationships, career, and our physical/mental/spiritual bodies.

To help you achieve such a life, Enlightened Living's dedicated professionals  offer information, training,  programs, and classes that will help to educate, inspire, empower and heal you.

Live a joyful life: We take the fundamental stance that you have the wisdom within you to resolve any life challenge you may have and you have the power and ability to discover and actualize your true potential.  Our mission is to help you find that balance and live from your true source of power - which is within you.  We want to help you overcome your blocks and self-sabotaging behavior to change those patterns which no longer serve you.  And we wish to help you create a conscious vision of health & wellbeing, relationship, career-creative expression, and gain the tools to live from possibility to reality.

Enlighten the mind: Our philosophy is that to truly live exceptional lives, each of us must be armed with knowledge that will empower personal transformation and self-healing. This means we must be educated and informed. We cannot make appropriate decisions about any aspect of our life without having a balance of information.

Heal the body: A healthy body is a natural state of being, it is our birthright. However, in our current age of denatured foods, polluted environments, the emphasis on disease management rather than prevention within mainstream medicine, and pervasive lack of understanding of what defines wellness….it remains elusive for most.

Enlightened Living creates and facilitates the space for you to fully connect with your own inherent wisdom to ignite your creativity, break through into unimaginable freedom and find lasting self fulfillment.


Enlightened Living is headquartered in Libertyville, IL and we will work with you by phone or online, anywhere in the world.